About CR shop
CR is an electronic point system which can be gained through using KISS and S-court services and campaigns.
Gained CR can be used for exchange with game plug-ins at this store.
*Currency used in CM3D2 and COM3D2 are also "CR". However, there is no compatibility between those and this store.
How to check CR balance, CR acquisition history and CR usage history
CR balance can be checked through S-court MyPage
CR acquisition and usage history can be checked through MyPage→CR acquisition/usage history
How to gain CR
We are planning the following methods

1. Events and campaigns provided by KISS
Enter and be awarded in events such as "Waifu-maid appraisement" to gain CR.

2. Using shops provided by S-court
We are planning to give CR to those who purchase certain items at other shops by S-court.
Items which are able to earn CR will be shown on items detail page.